The health benefits of herbal teas

As a nation addicted to the energising effects of coffee, perhaps it’s time to consider a therapeutic cup of tea as a natural alternative.

In fact, tea – served hot or cold – has been found to promote a number of health benefits, including a greater intake of antioxidants, stronger bones, improved digestion, better oral hygiene and a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Helping Australians turn a new leaf naturally, family owned and operated Yarra Valley Tea Co. have reinvented the traditional cuppa with their innovative range of certified organic functional tea blends for the mind, body and soul.

Hand blended in Victoria’s tranquil Yarra Valley, the functional tea range uses the finest plucked seasonal herbs and ingredients from across Australia to assist with six “real life” concerns, relating to digestion, concentration, sleep, energy, relaxation and detoxification.

Housed in handmade and biodegradable ‘tea temples' (pyramid bags), the functional tea range uses delicious and unconventional ingredients to entice loyal coffee drinkers and tea enthusiasts alike to enjoy a brew while assisting the body with specific health objectives. 

The range includes:

Digest IT – an organic tummy tea with chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint

Liven Up – an energising alternative to coffee with organic licorice root, yerba mate, spearmint and star aniseRelax jpeg

New You Detox – an organic cleansing tea with dandelion leaf & root, nettle, birch, calendula, cornflower, elderflower and raspberry

Nod Off – an aromatic, calming tea with organic linden flower, biodynamic apple, chamomile flower and elderflower

Relax – an organic calming tea with spearmint, chamomile, linden, lemon balm and cornflower

Think Straight – Another coffee alternative that can be drunk hot or cold. It contains lemongrass, lemon balm, yerba mate and lemon verbena.

Yarra Valley teas are available nationwide online, including IGA supermarkets and independent grocery stores. Each blend in the range retails at $7.95 and includes 15 pyramid bags.