New chronic pain relief trial: Now calling for participants

Do you suffer from long-term pain?

You are invited to participate in a Clinical Trial of a new pain relief treatment at the Pain Management and Research Centre (PMRC) at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

This Clinical Trial intends to evaluate a new treatment that is non-invasive and non-opioid; it is a spray-on product for the skin. All participants will receive the treatment and a placebo at different times.

Potential candidates are people suffering chronic pain on their skin (more than 6 months) whether in their hands, feet, limbs or torso.

The causes may be due to nerve damage resulting from chemotherapy, HIV, diabetes, post-surgery, alcohol or other painful conditions like post herpetic neuralgia, resulting from shingles. ?

If you are interested in participating in this Clinical Trial call or email:

The Pain Management and Research Centre

02 9463 1637 or NSLHD for more information.

The next step is visiting the PMRC for a more detailed assessment.

If accepted, you will need to visit the PMRC four times over a three-week period. ?

This study has the approval of the Northern Sydney Local Health District Human ResearchEthics Committee

Ref No: H REC/16/HAWKE/483 ?