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NSW Blues Women’s team find some ‘blue’ pain relief

02 Oct 2017
NSW Blues Women’s team find some ‘blue’ pain relief News image

The Women's NSW Rugby League Origin team were looking for every edge to make sure they kept their winning streak alive this season.

And ironically, for body recovery and pain relief they discovered a remarkable ‘blue’ cream to help get them through.

Blue Heeler™ Care, an Aussie breakthrough technology was used by NSW Origin fullback Sammy Bremner, and her teammates throughout the season.

"We all give 100% and needed something new to keep us backing-up,” Sammy said. “We needed quick results and wanted the healthiest possible option.

“Blue Heeler Care is both.” 

The players have been using the "magic blue cream" to recover from big training sessions and keep them on the paddock and injury free throughout the gruesome training camps that lead into the State of Origin game in July this year. 

They came out victorious with the second ever win against Queensland.

Serious ankle injury

Sammy had an outstanding game with 18 runs netting a game high of 212m, 12 tackle-breaks and a line break. 

With four minutes left in the game she was taken high and forced from the field with a serious ankle injury.

After the game Sammy used Blue Heeler™ Care to treat the inflammation and pain after her injury and improved her recovery time. She was literally jumping for joy – with her doctor’s permission – in only five weeks.

Other Blues greats who used Blue Heeler Care to support their recovery included: 

  • Kezzie Apps who was returning from a broken leg and had been using Blue Heeler Care in her daily recovery program
  • Simaima Taufa to get back from a Scaphord Lunate (wrist injury)
  • Ness Foliaki to get her training five days in a row
  • Maddie Studdon for bruises and general body care
  • Isabelle Kelly
  • Corban McGregor
  • Talesha Quinn
  • Ruby Ewe

Aussie innovation

Blue Heeler™ Care cream was developed by Sydney-based bio-pharma RR MedSciences.

It is naturally blue from a copper complex discovery, ‘BioCuplex™’ that supercharges the body’s regenerative processes.

Blue Heeler™ Care is scientifically formulated to feel soothing on the skin with natural ingredients that absorb quickly and relieve multiple conditions as a result of the ultra antioxidant, natural anti-inflammatory and regenerative formulation.

Other sports stars turning to Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler is fast becoming the pain relief product for sports stars in a wide variety of sporting codes.

Other high profiled sporting stars using Blue Heeler™ Care to support their healing and recovery post-injury include: 

  • Patrick Dangerfield, Kurt Tippett (AFL)
  • Nate Myles, Greg Bird, Anthony Don (NRL)
  • Adam Ashley Cooper (rugby)
  • Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, John John Florence (surfing)
  • Wes Berg, Ali Day (Ironman)
  • Courtney Hancock, Jordan Mercer (Ironwoman)
  • Emma Moffatt (Triathlete) 

Blue Heeler™ Care products are available to purchase online, internationally ( and at various Australian health practitioners.

Blue pain relief … Sammy Bremner (left) and Kezzie Apps

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