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Protect your lips this winter with this world first natural formula

28 Jun 2019
Protect your lips this winter with this world first natural formula News image

By Tim Michael

As one of the few bodily organs that lack sweat glands and oil-producing pores, our lips are highly exposed to the elements.

They rely solely on 3-6 layers of skin cells for protection against the cold, wind and sun.

Most of us spend considerable time and money moisturising our face, body and hands – but few of us think about moisturising our lips.

In winter it is particularly important to protect your lips from cold, harsh weather conditions.

Lip balms are a must to maintain healthy, hydrated lips and prevent cracking.

Chapped or distressed lips not only look terrible, they can also be extremely painful.

Australian owned and made skincare brand, Clean & Pure, has developed a lip treatment remedy which merges science and nature to produce a balm that nourishes and protects lips from the outside-in.

Pure natural ingredients

Clean & Pure uses only pure natural ingredients in its lip balms with no chemicals and preservatives.

“There’s nothing quite like the Clean & Pure formula on the market,” says founder Mark Chapman.

It is the only brand in the world to use ethically sourced Queensland and Victorian Manuka honey beeswax and extra virgin olive oil (oil obtained from the first press of the olive).

Clean & Pure has perfected this exclusive formula allowing water-based honey to merge with oil and wax in a solid and reliable form.  

The Clean & Pure range contains nourishing vitamins and minerals that combat free radical damage caused by UV exposure, and optimises cell regeneration and moisture retention.

Recommended for daily use

Each variant offers distinct benefits for the lips and surrounding skin. They are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive.

Clean & Pure is recommended for daily use and can be worn under lipstick as a lip primer.

Clean and pure_range

As well as Manuka Honey, the range includes: Vanilla, Pawpaw, Tinted Rose, Peppermint and Cocoa Butter.

All lip balms in the range contain six ingredients or less and are made locally in Queensland.

The Manuka Honey Lip Balm is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory – the ideal companion for chapped or severely distressed lips.

Clean & Pure balms are easily applied, fairly long lasting without being sticky and leave your lips feeling highly nourished and hydrated.

It’s a great product to always have on hand – especially in winter.

The range is available Australia-wide online and at all leading pharmacies and health food stores from RRP$4.99.

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