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Sydney, NSW, 2000
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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
About Sarah Key Global
At Key Physiotherapy in downtown Sydney we specialise in fixing problem backs. You can see anyone of a battery of expertly trained staff there who will help you. You can make an appointment here: You might also like to see Sarah herself for a residential intensive spinal therapy program called 'Back-in-a-Week' in the upper hunter Valley. See here
Products from Sarah Key Global

'Back-in-a-Week' is the ultimate back pain retreat. One of the more unusual and unique types of health vacation in the world, Sarah Key’s Back-in-a-Week is one of those rare, totally encompassing mind and body retreats that can literally change your life. It is specifically designed for people...

A one-off consultation with Sarah Key may be all you need to set you back on track. Sarah is with you for 90 minutes, when your problem will be diagnosed and your treatment plan embarked upon. Usually Sarah also provides a home routine for you to follow, as well as a diagnostic summary of your...

At Key Physiotherapy we are famous for using our feet! Why you might ask? Well ~ it feels better and it's way more effective! If the spinal segment has become gluey and stuck it will emit pain ~ very real back pain. In very many, if not most incidents, simply mobilising a stiff segment...

Sarah Key's Back Sufferers' Bible is the market leader in both Australia and the UK with over 85 brilliant readers' reviews on, all unsolicited by Sarah. The Back Sufferers' Bible charts the series or developmental spinal disorders suffered by any spine unlucky enough to be...

If you're at crisis point with your back pain ~ or even if you'd simply like some reassurance and setting back on track ~ it is possible to arrange a Skype Consultation with Sarah. It's quite amazing the scope of what can be covered and how well Sarah can direct you and monitor the spinal...

The official Sarah Key 'Back App' for $1.99 on iTunes will take you through a series of videos designed to help you understand ~ and deal with your back yourself. You’ll learn why your pain is there, how you can approach it with care and what exercises you need to do. This is the video coaching...

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